The May Pole Dancers



The May Pole dancers. My niece missed her May Pole dance this year as the schools had closed. The senior year always dances around the May Pole in St.Brigits in Stillorgan

This is my mom’s painting originally! My mom has been my teacher all my life. With art especially.  Like writer’s block sometimes it happens with art. She is self isolating due to Covid and has Addison’s disease so has to be very careful.

This was her lockdown project and I think it looks amazing. However she got sick of looking at them and threatened to paint over them!! I came in and rescued them. She told me to finish them off!! I just added a few bits of colour and taaaa daaaaa!!


This piece is 24″ x 24″ oils on canvas in a tray frame

Frame adds an extra 4″

Signed by the two of us!