The big Birthday party



I have missed a few milestone birthdays of my friends and famiy this year.

The whole month of January I could not stop painting people gathering.  I miss everyone!!

My imagination is keeping me going!

This is a large happy piece.

3ft x 4ft oils on canvas.

This piece oozes happiness. It also has a lot of paint on it. Thick with impasto. I worked in a gallery in NY for a few years and they always offered a “Try before you buy” and so do I!!

Live with the piece.  We can deliver it to the door (Hopefully it will be dry!!) Have a sleep over with wine (that is in the contract) go with the flow and now that everyone is at home you can all vote together!! If you would like to try more than one piece then purchase one and put in the comments to shipping the other pieces you would like to try.

If the piece does not work out …don’t feel guilty ….you will find something you like of mine in the future!! I have been a professional artist for twenty years now and I honestly believe in karma. Luckily I have repeat customers and all is good. Brighten up your home. My mom is an artist and I consider myself very lucky to have grown up with real art on the walls. It adds personality to the place!

My last customer told me I was very lucky. She said good things happened to her after she bought my piece. Bright and colourful pieces will change your life.