Wine glasses (about time I say!)

So I have have designed something practical and something I will use nearly everyday ...YES wine glasses.

Of course I had to sample alot of wine to make sure the glasses only enhanced the taste (tough research) 

I had an action packed summer. Spent my summer without any devices only armed with my sketchpad and easal. Of course my teenager was not too happy (no Wifi) but he got the summer he deserved!

There was the most beautiful circus in town which I have been sketching. Very colourful.

For anyone who read my last blog it has completely disappeared . I have had several people try to find it but google has hidden it on me. I'm just finding my feet again on my new blog. Its hard to start again after loosing seven years of blogs! 

So this is a new start. 

I am no longer magnificent! (of course that is how my sensitive head has inturpreted my lost blog!) 

Wine glasses (about time I say!)