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What is it all about? 

When I graduated from NCAD I headed straight to NY. I lived in an area called Dumbo where I had a studio space with hundreds of other artists. I also waitressed to facilitate my artists dream in the early days. Young artists really have no hope as the age thing does not help!! After turning 40 there is a huge shift in the art world. The main difference is galleries start looking for my work. Up until 40 its always been the other way round. So young artists embrace growing old!! The older you get the more your work gets appreciated!! And of course the older I get the more confident I get too. Launching my homewares brand with House of Fraser really gave my ego the turbo boost I needed!

Every now and again I lecture to students in college and I always tall them to be loyal and never under value your work. How do you expect people to value it if you don't.

I do have collectors who I look after and they look after me. A collector will want your work to go up in value and will encourage other people to take the leap of faith too.All this positive energy has an effect on the universe and something shifts!! (Yes this is hippy dippy stuff but I love all that!!)

Galeries spend their whole time talking and promoting me (sometimes making up stuff too!!) and they totally earn their commission. Galleries and Auction houses are the ones that really control the art market. I owe a huge shoutout to who really gave me great advice when the whole art market collapsed. He advised me to get into the UK galleries during the bust which I did so I could keep trading. Well his exact words where "Follow the money" Which I did.It turns out all the money was in the UK!! I am with some lovely galleries in the UK and when you convert the euro into Sterling its a bargain (so they say)

Can I see myself in the big NY galleries I often freqeunted for their free wine on opening nights?? Yes I do see that for myself. And every time I sell a piece I get closer to that dream. However they won't even look in my direction till I am 50!! So I do have plan. I own greencard and I am not afraid to use it!! Watch out Mary Boone gallery!!

So for all of you thinking should you take the leap into art.....YES ! But just make sure you buy something you like!!

But in the meantime you can see my work in London, New york , Tokyo and Dublin (but mainly Dublin!!)

Collectors & Artists